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Charley's Canine College
Charley's Canine College

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Puppy Obedience Training

About Charley's Canine College

Since the time that Robyn and Steve fell in love with the Greyhound, and it's plight around the world, they realized that their passion for the dog had to be their life's work. And they found their second love with following the "packs, the wolf pack that is". Before Steve became certified in Pennsylvania, he and Robyn read about and became concerned about the wolf being killed for sport. They became advocates with "Defenders of Wildlife" and helped spread the word about saving wolves.

CCC's training is positive motivation with positive reinforcement. We do not believe in punitive measures, i.e. hard hands, shock collars, etc.

Their Canine Obedience Services Include:

  • In-Home Training Programs
  • Behavior Evaluation
  • Rescue Aggression Evaluations
  • Puppy Training/3 Phases
  • Canine Good Citizen Class
  • Nutritional Advice and Counseling
  • Exercise Profiling

Being active and involved in many services, i.e. Boca Chamber, Broward Animal Care, Tri-County Humane Soc., Broward Animal Care, etc. Steve has established relationships with rescue groups in order to create a stronger awareness for the community to neuter their pets. This is the beginning to prevent the massive amounts of euthanization. Unless a pet owner is noted as a breeder, his dogs should be neutered at the proper time, and this should be a common practice by all "animal clinics in the U.S."

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