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Mini-Bull Puppies for Sale

Mini-Bull Puppies for Sale

The Mini-Bull is 3/4 English Bulldog, 1/4 Pug and 100% Adorable! Their adult usually ranges between 20 and 30 pounds. As they mature, Mini-Bulls are known to look more and more like an English Bulldog while keeping the small size of a Pug. Mini-Bull's are a perfect for a smaller home or apartment.

Mini-Bull Puppy for Sale Mini-Bull Puppy for Sale
Sold D.O.B. 9/29/13 Sold D.O.B. 9/29/13

Mini-Bull Facts

  • Average Adult Weight: 20-30 Pounds
  • 75% English Bulldog and 25% Pug
  • Also Known for Strong Family Bond

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